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Manda is an artist that encourages folks to expand and see things differently. They love to learn, share, express, & grow with other hairdressers open to evolving through the creative process.

With 17 years of diverse industry experience, Manda can create it all! Their outlet beyond hair reveals them as a vegan world traveler existing in queer & alternative communities- expressing through ceramics, collaging, playing in punk bands, and writing poetry. Manda is an artist through and through.

Manda is an influencer for trending looks, and fearless in their approach with destination clients in Seattle and Portland. They frequent trade shows with industry icons, color hair for global campaign photoshoots, and have created looks for top designers at LA Fashion Week and beyond. Manda is a Sam Villa Ambassador teaching digitally, and a requested artist customizing hands on workshops to salons across the country.

Manda’s open minded and compassionate, all-inclusive approach will motivate you to discover and nourish what sets your heart on fire.